Useful Facts

A challenge of committee management by volunteers is the communication and retention of information.  Committee members have their own individual roles and often therefore keep 'personal-ish' files related to their aspects of management.  And then committee members do change over the years.

Whilst files and information are usually handed over from one member to the next, it does happen that questions arise that no-one can answer.  The information has been 'lost' in the passage of years.

It is intended that this page, along with the "Documents" page will retain information of this sort that might be of use to committee members in the future.  It's a 'scratch pad' - items are not placed in any particular order and it's not guaranteed to be comprehensive.

Trustees.  The committee are the trustees of the hall.  There is only one other trustee - the Official Custodian.  The OC's name is on our legal documents, thus any change of circumstance requiring a new legal document or a change to an existing legal document will have to be "actioned" by the OC.  The management have to instruct the OC to act - it has no power to act independently.

Three copies of the ACRE Village Hall Information Sheet 17 "Trustees Roles & Responsibilities" have been placed on the kitchen shelving for committee members to refer to.  By all means borrow one of these to read in full at home, but do please return it afterwards.

Legal Documents.  The originals of all our legal documents are held by Pickering & Butters, Solicitors.

Wayleave.  Western Power Distribution own a utility supply or similar that runs under our land.  They pay us a wayleave payment of approx £6 per year.  This may be, but is not definitely, be associated with the Deed of Easement (Documents page) which is also in respect of a foul water sewer.

Noise Limiter.  The hall is equipped with an aged noise limiter, which is no longer available or supported.  When the microphone is connected (transparent chocolate box on long wall of hall adjacent to stage - look for thin cable to locate) it does "sort of" work. However, it sometimes responds - i.e. is triggered by - high frequency low volume noises, for example the 'click' of a light switch.  This renders it a problem since the power can go off to all sockets in the hall even though no excess noise has occurred.  So, one side of the microphone wire is disconnected at that chocolate box.  When the unit trips it pulls out a mechanical circuit breaker mounted on the ceiling, in the back storeroom, above the metal cabinets.  The unit has not been removed since in this mode it does no harm and has not been replaced on the grounds of expense not justifying the likely benefit.

Central Heating.  The CH runs off a Worcester Bosche boiler that is serviced and maintained by British Gas under Homecare contract 910007852201.  Annual service occurs during Feb/March.  The controller is a Salus device mounted near to the internal kitchen door. These are the instructions for setting:

Press “Set” .... the first day of the week (Monday) should flash

Advance to the day for which you want to set the programmes by using the ^  button

Press “select”

The display should now show the number “1” in a solid block (indicating the settings beneath refer to programme  “1”).  The settings shown beneath are the start time of Programme 1 (hour and minutes), and the temperature required.  The hours part if this should be flashing.

At this point you can adjust the start time hours by using the ^ and v buttons.  Once you are satisfied, press “Select”

The minutes should now be flashing.  Again, you can adjust by using the ^ and v buttons.  Once you are satisfied, press “Select”

The temperature should now be flashing.  Again, you can adjust, in 0.5 degree increments, by using the ^ and v buttons.  Once you are satisfied, press “Select”

You have now adjusted the settings for Programme 1 of that day and the display will show “2” in the solid block with the hours flashing for programme 2.  You are now able, by a similar process to that described to set the parameters for Programme 2 and then 3 and then 4 and finally 5.

HOWEVER, unless at some point in this process you Press “Set”, your changes will NOT be applied.  If you delay long enough for
the display to stop flashing anything and revert to showing the current day, programme and actual temperature, you will have to start again. 

You can press “Set” at any time to store what you have done; it just means you must restart the process to add any new changes.