Incoming Correspondence and Notices

The chairman, and other committee members, will frequently receive letters and e-mails that are directed to "the Village Hall Committee".

They are often hard-copy and thus the only viable ways to share them would be by circulation or by pinning them to the notice board in the hall.  Neither option is easy to manage or particularly effective.

In the future, any such correspondence or notices will be scanned and placed here attached to a link.  Committee members will have the responsibility to regularly check this page if they wish to be aware of the content of such communications.

Correspondence to be actioned

Other correspondence & information to be communicated

This document is a sample illustration of the sort of communication referred to here.

Entertainment Licencing Reforms  ACRE have made us aware of proposed changes under discussion regards the licencing of entertainment which may be beneficial for village halls.  Look at this document for more details.