Recent Village Hall News


Carol Lawrence has stepped forward as our new secretary and has been duly elected.  She picks up her duties as of now.  Welcome to Carol and welcome also to Justin Johnson who has been appointed by Cannock Chase District Council as our representative.

New Gas Cooker is installed!

The old gas cooker in the kitchen was becoming difficult to light and beyond any economic repair.  So, it has been replaced with a new Indesit model of similar capacity etc.  If you wish to use the grill please keep the door open with the special plate provided.

Little Ern gets a big brother

The Gardening Guild have raised funds sufficient to purchase a new and larger urn which should be 'plumbed in' sometime during the week of 20th April.

Useful Information for Committee Members/Trustees

When the Village Halls Adviser, Cathy Russell, addressed us recently, she suggested information that would be useful for the trustees.
Three copies of the ACRE Village Hall Information Sheet 17 "Trustees Roles & Responsibilities" have now been placed on the kitchen shelving for committee members to refer to.  By all means borrow one of these to read in full at home, but do please return it afterwards.

Boundary Fence/Hedge

Our neighbour, Robert Whiting has made substantial progress in replacing the boundary between his property and ours with a mixed hedge.  Please do have a look if you are interested.

Roof Refurbishment & Repair 

The insulation of the pitched roof and replacement of the flat roof is now complete.  Hopefully we can look forwards to years of a weatherproof building and much better temperature control!  Please let committee members know how the temperature feels to your group, especially in the current cold weather.

Ride-On Lawn Mower

Our new lawn mower - a Husqvarna LT154, with a 38" cutting blade - has been purchased and has just arrived (Monday 17th March).
Here's a picture of Eddie Matthews, who tirelessly cuts all the grass, along with Geoff Martin and the mower itself!

New Gate onto Peakes Road

Huge thanks to Eddie (pictured above!) who has installed the new gate.  I hope all will agree that the new gate smartens the property up considerably.

Community News

Because we are a community group, we sometimes get asked to publicise community items on our website that are not directly related to the village hall.  If you have an interest in any of the following, please follow them up directly as indicated

Grants Available for Community Music Events

£400 available towards community music events happening between 11 – 13 July 2014.

Staffordshire is looking for new Magistrates

The Magistracy in Staffordshire is in the process of appointing more Justices of the Peace

Are you interested?

Anyone can apply providing you are between 18 and 65 years old.  Whether you're employed, self-employed, unemployed or a student; it is your chance to contribute to the community.  Magistrates come from all walks of life.

For details check the web site: and then to "how to become a Magistrate"

Good Neighbour Scheme

The Community Council of Staffordshire is seeking people who may have an interest in starting Good Neighbour Schemes.
The aim is to address issues of isolation and loneliness sometimes experienced by elderly or vulnerable people.

If you have an interest please read this letter and complete the enclosed form.

Friends of Etching Hill

If you are a resident of Etching Hill you may also be interested in a local group dedicated to keeping the hill itself clean, tidy and safe
To visit their website, please click on this link