General Documents Related to the Hall

In this section you will find links to documents that are relevant to either the hire and usage of the hall, or to its management by the committee.  Click on the relevant link to retrieve the document:

Hall Visitor Manual

Conveyance & Trust Deed - sets out the articles of association for management of the hall. This document is typewritten in original form and has been compressed due to its size.  In some parts the quality is therefore poor.  For a better quality original copy please contact

Conveyance & Trust Deed Transcript - the second part of the above document - the part that defines our 'charter' or 'terms of reference' have been re-keyed into a format that is easier to read than the original.  If you are interested in understanding how we are obliged to manage the hall, you may find this version of the Governing Document a useful reference.

Insurance Certificate  - a copy of the 2015/2016 certificate can be seen here.  Our insurers are now ProSight

Gas Safety Certificate - for the new Indesit cooker

Gas Service Record - most recent British Gas service record for our central heating etc

Tree Preservation Order - A copy of the sole tree preservation order relating to the hall.

Deed of Easement - For a foul water sewer below the hall's land

e-mail from Charities Commission confirming Official Custodian is a Trustee

Interesting press article from July 1948