Contacts Information for the Hall

Our Bookings Secretaries are Dawn and Rachel.  To start the process of a booking - check availability, prices etc - please contact Dawn and Rachel in the first instance on:

01889 570033       

Please note that if you agree to hire the hall you must make yourself familiar with the Visitor Manual, which details hall policies, emergency procedures and your own responsibilities.

Should you encounter any problems when using the hall, or have more general enquiries, please contact the Chairman of the committee, George Thatcher on:

01889 584898

Any enquiries or contacts regarding payments or other general financial matters should be put to our Treasurer, Lin Workman on:

01889 586487

Issues connected with meeting organisation, publicity and communications should be addressed to our Secretary, Dawn Pickering on:

01889 570033

The postal address of the hall is:


The Trustees of the Hall are its management committee and the Official Custodian