We need somebody to volunteer to become chair of the committee at the end of this financial year (May 2020).  If you are that person, please contact any committee member.

Information on the hall and the use of this website

Etching Hill Village Hall was built in 1946 as a community hub for the village. This is the facility the building has provided ever since, becoming a regular meeting point for local interest groups and associations in addition to being a venue for one-off events and private functions.  It is licensed for music and entertainment, but holds no licence for the sale of alcohol.

The hall has a maximum capacity of 120 persons with one very large assembly room that can be adapted to lectures, dance lessons, bridge sessions etc etc.  There are around 100 good quality comfortable chairs and also tables for events that require seated participation. The main room is light and airy and there is a small stage at one end.  There is a fully equipped kitchen and a small store room in which some space can be allocated to regular users.  There are also toilets and all these facilities are properly adapted for use of both able and disabled people.  We have a project in hand to upgrade the thermal insulation of the roof which should result in better temperature control in the future.

Etching Hill Tennis Club occupies part of the village hall site.

The purposes of maintaining this website are various.  Firstly we wish people who may consider hiring our hall to have access to relevant information - who to contact, our terms and conditions etc etc.  Please navigate through the sub-heading on the left to find out what you need to know.

Secondly the hall committee itself needs a repository of information.  The chairman, as a single point of contact, receives correspondence and e-mails from external organisations such as ACRE and Staffs County Council that are essentially targeted at the entire committee.  By publishing them here, everybody can have access in the easiest way.

Then there is general information that can be useful to both committee members and others - dates and times of meetings, minutes of meetings, updates on grant applications etc.  In future these will be published here.

Lastly there are documents that should be available to everybody who has any connection with the use of this hall - the Hall Visitor Manual for example. This contains legally required information such as our Health and Safety Policy, our Risk Assessments etc that should be publicly available.

In the future, other categories may become relevant and they will be added to the website at that time.

Please do navigate this site to find information relevant to you.  Any suggestions for improvement may be e-mailed to:


Grant Awards
  • New Doors

    August 2012 - Councillor Geoff Martin presents cheque for £2000 from Staffordshire Local Community Fund towards new doors for the hall.

  • Another Grant Award !!

    April 2014 - Rugeley Town Council have sent us a cheque for £500 towards our new roof.  See the News page for more details.

Our Hall
The hall is located at East Butts Road in Etching Hill and can be used by associations or for private functions